Anderson & Shapiro Eye Care

"Our business is very competitive. More and more people are going online all the time to find eye care specialists.

One of the primary areas of our business is LASIK surgery, which is typically younger people. I think we all understand how important it is to have a strong presence in digital marketing for that demographic.

The other primary area of our business is Cataract surgery. The baby boomer generation is becoming more and more digital savvy. Grandma and Grandpa are on Facebook, searching the web, and using digital cell phones.

Phase 3 Digital is helping us to become the go-to eye professionals in the Madison digital world.

We tried to understand what needed to be done. We heard about social media and set up our own Facebook page, but soon got to the point that it was too much work to keep up with posting on it. We didn't really know what to post, either. Our expertise is patient care, not Facebook.

Working with Phase 3 Digital is great. Their experts came in and told us how we could get online and get more customers. One of the biggest struggles I had working with digital marketing services was trying to understand what they were talking about. It all sounded like a foreign language to me. Phase 3 has been able to translate for me. They didn't use any techno-mumbo-jumbo, just spoke in plain English, "dumbed it down" for me if you will.

We like that we only have to deal with Phase 3 Digital when it comes to our online needs, not a bunch of companies. The website, Facebook, Yelp, Angie's List, etc. They are the one stop shop.

Phase 3 Digital noticed our website was not designed for mobile, so they built us a mobile site, and now it is so easy for customers to find us on their phones and the site looks great.

Look at our Facebook page, we have people who like us now! We have people liking our posts and commenting!

The professionals at Phase 3 Digital have helped our business get online and get those customers we never would have had access to in the past. I totally trust Phase 3 Digital for my company's online needs."              

Belinda Smith, R.N., Administrator
Anderson & Shapiro Eye Care

Zerorez Spokane and Zerorez Tri-Cities

"Working with Phase 3 to develop and implement a mobile site has been a fantastic experience. Our company has used multiple partners for web based marketing, but this experience with Phase 3 was hands down the easiest. 

We have been interested in creating a mobile site for some time now but found our opportunities more work than they seemed worth. From the initial conversation with Phase 3 it was pretty clear that this partnership was going to be a positive experience. 
After our first meeting with Phase 3, we literally chicken scratched the ideas onto paper. What we wanted our site to look like, what aspects of our website we wanted replicated on the mobile and which aspects we wanted to leave off. We sent over the drawings and Phase 3 had turned out a full mock up in less than a week. All aspects from our initial idea were included, the branding and design fit our overall image and the mock up was actually functional. All within a week.
After spending some time with the mockup, our second meeting was about 5 minutes of working thru some small edits and functionality issues. Phase 3 gathered all that info, communicated very clearly and made those edits within another few days. 
We went from no mobile site, to a fully functional site within 2 weeks. Phase 3 was easy to work with, communicated very well and worked very quickly. I am ecstatic we jumped on this opportunity to work with them and would highly recommend them. "
Tony BairdDirector Sales/MarketingZerorez Spokane

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