Susie Taylor

Susie TaylorDigital Sales and Marketing Manager

Like many cars on the road these days, Susie is a hybrid.

With 20 years in media, she not only has extensive client-side marketing experience, but she was "born" in the customer service era. Her growth and development took place when relationships, trust and results were everything.  Combine that with an insatiable appetite for the changing landscape of digital media, Susie's skills offer a unique blend of old and new.

As the youngest of four children AND the only girl in her family, you could say that she has been "problem solving" all her life.  Looking for solutions is just part of Susie's DNA. As a college student, this was manifested in numerous travel opportunities, in spite of very limited resources.  As a newlywed and young professional, Susie found herself packing up her life in Chicago for her husband's career opportunity in Arkansas.  The challenge was warmly accepted, as in Susie's world, a great solution is only around the next corner.

Media just kind of happened by accident for Susie.  Her first job opportunity in Arkansas was in radio sales, then she migrated to television, and in 2003, she was given the chance to blaze the digital trail, and as they say, the rest is history. 

With more than ten years with a dedicated digital focus, Susie has led too many successful campaigns to count.  Her passion is in customizing unique solutions for her clients that drive results.  She assists the sales teams at Morgan Murphy Media to harness the power of digital media in a way that is tailored to the specific goals and budget of their clients.  You will often hear her say, "Digital is not a one size fits all medium," rather each client has unique avenues to market themselves digitally. 


Susie's avocations include raising two wonderful teenage sons, (yes, she even uses the words "wonderful" and "teenage sons" in the same sentence!) tennis, golf and volunteering.  In the winter you will find Susie all over the map at hockey rinks cheering for her boys as they play.  In the summer, you will find Susie all over the map at golf courses cheering (quietly, of course) for her sons as they play.  You may also find her sweating through a pigeon or warrior pose in her very dedicated hot yoga practice.

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