Rita Fitzgerald

Rita Fitzgerald

Rita has helped clients with marketing strategy for more than eight years. An early adopter of all things tech and social, she strives to help each organization reach their customers with the right message, in the right place, at the right time. 

Her experience covers a wide range of media, from traditional forms like print and television to newer strategies in search engine optimization and social media. 

Rita is passionate about understanding how the buyer's journey can be improved by changing a single word or image and she is continually learning new and exciting ways to create a personal relationship between a business and their customers.

By night, Rita can be found watching ridiculous amounts of television or beating her husband at another round of Mario Kart. 

A nerd at heart, she's not embarrassed by how much time she's spent obsessing over Jon Snow's parentage or how many times she's read the Harry Potter series. 

She's also a huge college football fan, rooting for two teams: the Gamecocks and whoever's playing Clemson. Her next big goal in life is to figure out how to organize her home into endless colored totes from Target. 

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