Kristen Elicerio

Kristen ElicerioDigital Specialist and 2 Minute Take Producer

Kristen is a people person. She understands that people need people in order to be well and thrive. As a new media communication specialist, she is versed in developing strategies that deliver an intended message to the right audience. Sparking connections, maintaining relationships and strengthening reputations is what she does best.

Having grown up in the Twin Cities suburbs, Kristen is no doubt a Minnesotan at heart. She appreciates all seasons (Yes, even winter!) and has hobbies specific to each.

In a way, Kristen’s career path follows the “3 Phases” of Morgan Murphy Media. Her experience with the company carries a rich journalism background paired with sales marketing, and now digital.

Winona State University is where Kristen honed her skills in traditional communication styles. After earning a degree in mass communication, she began her career as a general assignment reporter. She transitioned into a TV host role to highlight local businesses, organizations and events. As communication mediums evolve, so does her knowledge.

Kristen recognizes there is an art in how messages are crafted in order to be impactful. She is ready to help you build your digital presence, enhance your social media reputation, and engage clients at a new level.

While away from her digital devices Kristen enjoys traveling, being active, and spending real face time with her family and friends.

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