Greta Carlson

Greta CarlsonDigital Media Specialist

Greta Carlson, the Digital Media Specialist for Phase 3 Digital comes from a community outreach, media and storytelling background. Her career started in the film industry where she worked on the set of several feature productions, television shows, and commercials. Since then she has advanced her expertise in the communications field and has directed multifaceted marketing strategies for numerous organizations. Now Greta applies her love of narrative to the fulfilling work of digital design and creative content marketing, and is excited about the ever-changing platforms and opportunities that the magic of media can capture.
Being a part of the Phase 3 Digital team is perfect because Greta is all about collaboration. She enjoys joining forces with her coworkers to workshop ideas, brainstorm new tactics and further grow and evolve our digital impact. Greta loves her career and appreciates having a fun and enjoyable work environment, as well as an outstanding group of peers to proudly work alongside.
A graduate of the University of Washington with majors in Communications and Sociology, Greta is passionate about diversity and social justice, gender equality and creating opportunities for others to pursue their dreams and goals.
Greta lives in Spokane, WA and enjoys drinking coffee, skiing the local slopes, and spending time with friends and family. She also enjoys watching movies, traveling all over the world, and playing with her dog Moose.
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