Dave Ellis

Dave EllisDigital “Man Behind the Curtain”

What do careers in professional baseball and digital media have in common?

Absolutely nothing, as it turns out. But, that didn't stop Dave from forging a circuitous route from there to here.

Dave began his life in Boston and was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. After graduating from the University of Arizona, his initial career goal was to be the GM of the San Francisco Giants. After two years with marketing departments in the minor leagues, and a season with the Giants… Dave reluctantly realized he needed a new goal. 

The dot-com boom beckoned and Dave answered the high tech siren’s call, holding positions at Silicon Graphics, Cisco Systems, AOL and Travelocity. He then traded corporate life for the friendly confines of the startup world, where he managed customer service and marketing departments and served as a Content Manager and Social Media Community Manager. He also was the Executive Editor for a popular book on social media, “A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive".

Part-time sesquipedalian, full-time digital “man behind the curtain”, Dave considers the burrito nature’s perfect food, has a “mild” addiction to college basketball (he can stop anytime!) and believes there’s an appropriate movie quote for any real-life situation. 

In his free time, for over a decade, Dave has volunteered at the Marine Mammal Center near San Francisco rescuing and rehabilitating sea lions and baby elephant seals and also volunteers as the Center’s Social Media Manager. 

Dave is instrumental in Phase 3 Digital’s success. In fact, he’s so awesome that there wouldn't be a Phase 3 Digital without him. (And… he might have written this bio himself.) 

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