Beverly Walsh

Beverly WalshNew Business Development and Phase 3 Manager

Bev was born to boogie. Bev and her late husband, Jack, were known to clear a dance floor.

 Good luck trying to keep up to her energy. She has a very contagious laugh that also spreads enthusiasm.

Bev has experienced many changes in her 27 years in television broadcast sales. Her focus on assisting clients and non-profits with business growth strategies has earned her several NAB awards. Her mind is in constant motion, which would make most people dizzy. Whether it's uncovering the needs of clients or the community, Bev has a way of making a difference. She is a warm, caring person, who is all about moving forward and not spending too much time looking back. Don’t go whining to Bev without a solution. She will tell you, "build a bridge and get over it."  She keeps the wheels well greased and turning in an organized fashion.

Bev grew up and lives in Sauk Prairie, a beautiful little town along the Wisconsin River. She's an early riser, loves to walk, bike and hike. In the summer, Bev can be found in her vegetable or flower gardens. 

Bev has three beautiful daughters, Renee, Jody and Denise and four fun-loving grandchildren, Brayden, Hudson, Jayden and McKayla.

It's been rumored that Elvis asked Bev to marry him, but that's yet to be proven.

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